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GSREC Round 1 Daytona - Drivers Quotes

Posted by S.E.C.R. on February 10, 2017 at 1:30 PM Comments comments (0)

MissionBULLITT car 59

"I'm extremely excited to get the 2017 GSREC season underway this weekend and even more excited to be doing so as a new team member of SECR. It's been a great couple of weeks of testing and practice for the season opener at the 12HRs of Daytona. Being in the #59 McLaren has been an awesome experience and with the time I've spent behind the wheel I'm feeling confident that Murph and I will have a great chance at success come race day.


Murphys Laaawl car 59

"There's been sort of an exciting buzz in the air at GSR recently before the 12 hrs. It's like the Super Bowl almost with all this hype! But anyway, I'm excited for the race at Daytona, I've been putting a lot of hours/laps into the car and having a talented teammate like Mission whose willing to do the dreaded morning stints helps me out a lot. The McLaren has been a handful to setup to match the pace of the other GT's, but come Saturday it'll be the driver who survives the most. Can't wait!"


Copper Nuts08 car 60

"All i can say is have a great race SECR men ,its the strongest team we have ever had so go out and kick the shit out of as many cars as possible"


MrMarko1100 car 60

"Im very eager to get the 2017 GSREC season underway . There has been alot of work thats gone on over the winter months to get the team to how you see it today with 2  McLaren 12c GT3 cars and a single Audi Lmp car . Id like to thank the sponsors who have helped to make this season at all possible for us . It going to be a long hard fought season with many ups and downs along the way for not only us but many teams throughout the field . Heres hoping that at the end of it all we can lift another trophy." 

Dead Arm Tzar car 30

"I'm really excited that Ardent Racing will be joining forces with team SECR for the upcoming GSR Endurance season. Due to unforeseen visa issues, unfortunately I can't make it to Daytona for the first round. I have every faith in my new teammate in the LMP1 Audi and I know the rest of team SECR will be a force to be reckoned with in the GT3 category. I'd like to thank the SECR boys for the opportunity and the warm welcome they've given us. Good luck to everyone, go get em you mad bastards."


AOR Hankook Endurance Series - Round 1 - Dubai

Posted by S.E.C.R. on February 10, 2017 at 1:15 PM Comments comments (0)

We have landed in the very sunny and very very warm Dubai for Round 1 of the AOR Hankook Endurance Series . 

We have entered a tw car team ccnsisting of both Copper Nuts08 and MrMarko1100 . Testing time has been very limited due to other commitments but both drivers are up for the challenge of the famous Dubai Autodrome course which features both GT3 and GT4 cars . 

We caught up with Marko for this quick word during preperations in the pit garage

" I for one am very excited to get my first AOR championship under way . This is my first ever series where i will be driving in the fastest class n track which is something im very much looking forward to with trying to get through traffic and quickly and as safely as possible . Testing time has been limited due to an illness on my part but im in a car i know very well being the McLaren 12C GT3 so that should help with getting to grips to things . Hopefully we can bring home a decent result for the team in our first 2 car effrt within Apex Online Racing "

Marko had to go to a drivers briefing afer this comment . 

Keep an eye on our twitter account for up to date news as we get it 

Global Sim Racing Endurance Championship : Update 2

Posted by S.E.C.R. on January 29, 2017 at 9:05 AM Comments comments (0)

As of today we are glad to annouce we have have formed an alliance with LMP team Ardent Racing to run an Audi LMP1 car in this seasons Global Sim Racing Endurance Championship in a joint effort . In sorts this sees a third car entered into the series which will carry the S.E.C.R. name a feat we never saw coming until the last minute when both teams started talking to eachother . 

The car will feature a 2 driver line up for the start of the season atleast which kicks of with a 12hr of Daytona race in two weeks time . Last years Ardent Racing driver Dead Arm Tazr will pilot the car along with S.E.C.R. driver  The1PLUS2Rieck who drove in selected races last year in one of our McLaren 12c GT3 cars.

An initial datebase has come from the Ardent squad which engineers from both teams are working through along with new setups for Daytona . Alot of work is also being done to get The1PLUS2Rieck comfortable in the LMP car which is totally different to the GT car he drove last year . 

Keep an eye on the website in the run up to Daytona as we will have our Daytona preview up with quotes from all drivers .

S.E.C.R. P.R. Team

Global Sim Racing Endurance Championship : Update

Posted by S.E.C.R. on January 22, 2017 at 11:40 AM Comments comments (0)

Just a short one for you folks to announce we have offically entereed as a two car team into the GSREC after signing up MissionBULLITT to drive in the second car along side Murphy Laaawl . 

S.E.C.R. enters into the Dedicated Sim Racers League

Posted by S.E.C.R. on January 20, 2017 at 5:15 PM Comments comments (0)

South East Coast Racing has entered into the on Project Cars in Ginetta Junior championship starting this Sunday at the Brands Hatch Indy circuit .

Both drivers have completed a number of seeding runs to determine which lobby they are entered into for the season. Currently both are in the middle of Division 1 but with less than 9 tenths of a second separating all 16 drivers in the division it is still all to play for until seeding closing at midnight on Friday 20th January.

Race 1 is this Sunday and we expect Marko to have the GoPro in the car recording to expect to see his onboards from Round 1 on YouTube at the start of the week.

Copper Nuts08 gave us a few minutes of his time as the team was loading up both team cars and gear into the team transporter .This is what he had to say

"Myself and Marko are look really looking forward to this weekends first round at Brands Hatch Indy. For us joining into a new series brings with it alot of excitement as it brings with it the challenge of not only learning and setting up a new car. We are both seeded into the top division of the series and we are both hoping to give it a good solid effort of challenging for both the drivers and teams championship."


Stay tuned to the teams Twitter account @SouthEastRacing for updates throughout the night on how the team are getting on.

Thanks for reading



S.E.C.R. P.R. Team

2017 Updates

Posted by S.E.C.R. on December 22, 2016 at 5:40 PM Comments comments (0)

Since our last post confirming our plans for 2017 it would seem the phone hasnt stopped ringing and emails havent stopped being sent into the office . 

We have two updates which we are ready to announce to everyone at this very moment 

First things first being we have can now confirm which class we will be running in for the 2017 GSR Endurance Championship and we are happy to announce that we will be defending our title with our two McLaren 12c cars but this time we will have offical manufacture support from McLaren throught the year gaining us factory status . 

Everyone here at South East Coast Racing are extremely happy with this and we are all delighted to be chosen by McLaren as there offical factory outfit for all GSR GT3 outtings we have throughtout 2017 with an option to extend at the end of the year if both parties wish for it to continue . Speaking on the news of the new partnership Copper Nuts08 was on hand to give his opinion of the news . Heres what he had to say "Im delighted with the partnership that we as a team have been able to secure with McLaren . We spent the year running the 12C as a private effort and doing alot of in house development on the car as it would seem that it didnt go unnoticed as was our sucess with the car .  Im very much looking forward to going to the McLaren factory in the new year to meet with their engineers and pick there brains on a number of things."

Designs have already been painted onto the cars which will look a bit different to the 2016 design .

As you can see both cars are sporting that famous factory McLaren orange with a mix of black making a reference to McLaren founder Bruce McLaren who came from New Zealand . But they dont miss the flashes of our custom SECR green .

Now onto our second announce which is also relevent to the GSR Endurance series as we can offically confrim that we have signed a new driver to join MrMarko1100 and Copper Nuts08 . 

We are happy to announce that joining them will be Murphys Laaawl who has left the MBI team . We managed to get this quick quote from Murphy after the contracts had been signed "Im happy to join SECR for the GSREC in 2017, thank you to both Marko and Copper for taking a chance on me since my previous team didnt see eye to eye on things. But this is whats best for me and i cant wait to get going for Daytona prep"

Marko had this to say " well what a 24 hours it hsa been for us . First the McLaren partnership and now we have signed Murphy to the team who is someone that has been on both myselfs and coppers radar for a while now as someone we would like to have onboard in the team as we both rate him highly as a driver. He is due into the factory in the new year to meet everyone before we fly out to Florida to start our prep for the season opener at Daytona."

Driver line ups are yet to be decided as to who will be in what car but whens it sorted you guys will be the first ones to know.

So two big announcements for the team in 24hours and they say things come in threes so who knows what tomorrow could hold . 

S.E.C.R. P.R. Team

2017 and Beyond

Posted by S.E.C.R. on December 20, 2016 at 2:05 PM Comments comments (0)

So after a successful first season for South East Coast Racing the time has come to reflect on 2016 and see what 2017 has in store for us .

A review of 2016 will be posted before the new year . 

Amid rumors of South East Coast Racing leaving Global Sim Racing to another league we are now ready to put these rumors to bed and announce our initial 2017 plans and we are happy to announce that Global Sim Racing does infact factor into our plans to the same extent (if not a bit more) than the 2016 season . 

We currently have the budget in place to enter into the GSR British Formula Ford series which takes place in early January and also to re-enter the GSR Endurance championship however which class we enter and the number of cars is still in discussion along with a hopeful entry into the 2017 TORA Esports British GT Series moving up to the GT3 class having secured the GT4 title this season . 

We dont quite know where the rumors of South East Coast Racing leaving GSR came from but we can 100% confrim that South East Coast Racing is committed to racing in GSR with MrMarko1100 being taken on by GSR in a small advisory role to try improve and spice things up with some frest ideas thrown into it fray . It is a partnership which both parties are excited about.

If there are any interested drivers wishing to join South East Coast Racing please get in touch with us through the contact us section our website. 

Finally apoligies on our part for how quite things have been here on the S.E.C.R Website . It is something we are going to keep on top of more for next year . 

See you on the track in 2017 .

S.E.C.R. P.R. Team

Weekend Roundup

Posted by S.E.C.R. on July 9, 2016 at 12:10 AM Comments comments (0)

Saturday July 2nd saw the team head to Imola for the first round of the Global Sim Racing Formula C championship. Both drivers headed into the qualifying session having only done a handful of practice laps due to other real world commitments.

The 15-minute qualifying session got underway with just a few scattered clouds around the track. All 11 cars quickly got out on track to get in a benchmark lap time including our two South East Coast Racing cars. MrMarko1100 qualified in P5 with a time of 01:39.438 while Copper Nuts qualified in P7 with a time of 01:40.607.

Both drivers made good starts of the line with slight wheel spin which the whole field suffered with. Some more than others. As the race settled down the pit stop faze loomed in closer to the fray. Only a splash and dash would be needed on both cars to get them home safely to the end.

Copper Nuts08 had managed to climb his way through the grid as he got more used to the car and eventually managed to finish a respectable 6th place while MrMarko1100 dropped a number of places to 8th and had a battle with one of the Samkel Racing cars driven by Samson who was suffering with some sort of damage to his car.

The team now sits in P3 in the team’s championship and both drivers sit in the midfield table in the drivers’ standings.


Sunday saw the team once again out of the road as we headed to one of the most famous race tracks out there known only as “Spa” for the 5th round of the Virtual British GT championship hosted by The Online Racing Association.

As with Saturdays race practice for this race had been quite a short affair for the team with only a number of laps being completed by the team. As there were no other GT4 cars present for the event we really only had to show up a finish to maintain our lead in the team’s standings in both the GT4 and also the overall leader boards while both drivers are within the top 10 of the overall drivers’ standings.

Qualifying seen us at the back of the field as all other cars with in the GT3 class. As both cars made it home it was another strong haul of points for the team. MrMarko1100 managed to secure his first wins of the season as he came home first in both races while Copper Nuts08 finished in second in both races but was suffering with a technical problem for the while event.


There’s is no more racing for the team for another weekend or two after which another weekend round up will be wrote for it.

Apologies for the lack of activity on the website and twitter feeds as real life is somewhat taking over for us but we still strive to make each and every race meeting we can without fail.

On boards from this weekend’s racing from MrMarko1100 will be uploaded over this weekend.

Thanks for reading.



Tora British GT Round 3 : Oulton Park

Posted by S.E.C.R. on May 21, 2016 at 2:10 PM Comments comments (0)

This weekend sees the team tackle round 3 of the Virtual British GT series run by TORA . 

After leaving round 2 leading the teams standing we are all feeling quitely confident coming into this weekend that we can once again be in the running in the gt4 class . 

We held an extensive test session at the track yesterday (Friday 20th) with both Copper Nuts08 and MrMarko1100 getting in a decnet amount of laps during the day . We also ran our two test and reserve drivers henners30 and CJAP93 aswell so the could gather data for the team also which turned out to help us quite alot when the conditions got wet we put each car on different tyre compounds to see which worked best.

During the test Copper Nuts08 had said that the key focus for the weekend and pretty much each race was another solid points haul by both drivers to keep out points gap intact bearing in mind we will have to drop a round by the end ofthe series making every point count .

The weather is looking at though it could be wet tomorrow which will make it the first wet meeting on the season but we still expect all the usual suspects to be there . 

Be on the lookout for both MrMarko1100 and Copper Nuts08 who may very well be streaming the races tomorrow night . Links for these will be found via out Twitter account @SouthEastRacing. 

We look forward to seeing everyone on track and hope you can join us on stream if you cant make it trackside

S.E.C.R. scores points in the opening round of the GSR MX-5 Cup

Posted by S.E.C.R. on May 16, 2016 at 4:05 PM Comments comments (0)

South East Coast Racing came away from the first round with all 3 drivers scoring solid points. Our newest driver henners30 made a debut impressing everyone here at the team with his consistant pace and kept his cool as chaos at the start of both races. Saying after the second race that he was pretty sure he closed his eyes going through the carnage but managed to survvie. 

Our other two drivers Copper Nuts08 and MrMarko1100 both also had good starts to the season finishing in the top half of the field in both races .

Although there isnt a teams championship in the series that didnt stop us trying to beat the other main teams in the series of MBI Racing and also Samkel Racing. 

All three drivers are happy though how the start of the series has gone with the main focus really being getting henners30 settled into the world of Sim Racing and letting him build his confidence before eventually moving over to Project Cars and possibly Assetto Corsa when it comes out for console 

Sorry this has been a bit of a vague update theres alot going on here at the moment at South East Coast Racing which hopefully we can shre with you guys very very soon . 


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